Solar Gard Window Film


What is ComputerCut?

ComputerCut is the world's only Internet based computer window tinting, Clearshield and graphics program. Our dealers use our proprietary software to access our database of auto window and Clearshield templates, decals, and graphics over the Internet and cut them using a vinyl cutting plotter. ComputerCut is also an entry-level sign and graphics program where we design images for our dealers. They just cut and install them.

What can ComputerCut do?

Pre-cut auto window and Clearshield templates, pre-cut flat glass window templates, contoured front windshield sunstrips, window decals, magnetic signs, pre-cut security film, windshield lettering, vehicle lettering, banners, auto graphics, and window lettering.

What can ComputerCut do for your business?

Increase business, increase customer satisfaction, set you apart from the competition, create other income opportunities, make your shop more productive, impress customers, appeal to auto dealerships, increase resale value, create Internet opportunities and increase do-it-yourself business.

What can ComputerCut do for my residential tinting?

Speed up installations, increase your level of professionalism, more accurate installations, reduce waste, impress customers, cleaner installations, increase customer satisfaction and decrease film theft.

Do I have to be online to cut the images?

No. Let's say you have five cars to do and you know what type they are. You just pull up each car individually, minimize them on the desktop, go offline and you can open them up and work with them all day.

Does ComputerCut eliminate all cutting?

No. It eliminates over 90% of all cutting. While in most cases it does an acceptable micro-edge, if you want an absolute perfect micro-edge you will have to slide the film up over the top edge of the glass and trim. It allows enough film on the bottom for you to do this. Some windows where the hard rubber weather-stripping meets the clear portion of the glass such as quarter windows and truck rear windows the templates are oversized slightly and will need to be trimmed. Some windows with hardware may need to be cut.

Does it take a long time to pull the vehicles from the Internet?

No. Once you are online and have the ComputerCut open you get the images in less than 30 seconds. A whole car can be cut in less than two minutes.

What if we have problems getting online?

Check with your Internet Provider. If you are still unhappy with your Internet Provider service, you may want to consider switching to another service. Internet connections are abundantly available. You can try searching for a local provider or a nationally recognized one. Here are some tips on what to look for in a provider.

  • We recommend not using AOL. Their type of connection tends to interfere with the functionality of the program.
  • Decide whether you would like a broadband or dial-up connection. Broadband connections are much faster and more convenient - you won't have to dial-up each time you need to get on-line and downloads are much faster. Although broadband access is a bit more expensive, the increased cost is more than justified by speed and convenience.
  • If you think you will be traveling frequently, you should make sure that your provider has a Toll Free number so that you can access the Internet from wherever you are.

Does it have all cars?

At the present time we have over 90% of the most common cars and we are adding new ones every day. It is for this reason that ComputerCut is offered over the Internet. We are able to add new vehicles, decals, and images without the dealers having to download and install them. The Internet also gives us the ability to make instant changes or create graphics for our dealers, and have them available instantly.

How does it save on material?

First of all, the patterns are pre-arranged in the computer for optimum use of material. Secondly as the material comes off the plotter it is cut at the exact end of the window. This cannot be done when cutting manually. You will use fewer knife blades, fewer paper towels and fewer tools.

Can it cut security film?

Yes. We have cut security film successfully. See our manual for details.

I do not know how to tint but would like to learn so I can start a business or expand my business. Is it hard to learn?

No. We will provide you with everything you need to get started. There are many ComputerCut dealers who are in auto related businesses such as auto detailing, alarm and stereo installation, etc. Contact Saint-Gobain for more information on how to get started.

What else can ComputerCut do?

It cuts "contoured" front windshield sunstrips eliminating the disliked "eyebrow" look. It can do auto graphics, decals, license plates, magnetic signs, banners, vehicle lettering and with our inhouse graphic designers we can design signs for your customers thus eliminating the need for you to have to spend the time and effort to learn how to make or design a sign.

Why should I buy ComputerCut?

To help make your business grow, be more productive, and increase its value. Whether you are a one-man tint business or a multi-billion dollar corporation, constantly re-inventing, innovating, and adding to your business is the only way to keep ahead of your competition, grow, and keep from falling behind. ComputerCut will increase your business, create more income, and increase the value of your business. We have already had ComputerCut dealers sell their business that say ComputerCut was a major reason in the buyers' decision.

How much does ComputerCut cost?

You can not afford not to have ComputerCut. In reality ComputerCut will not cost a dime. Why is that? ComputerCut has constantly proved that it easily pays for itself through increased productivity and savings. It will not cost you money, it will make you money. By increasing your company's income and making it more productive, ComputerCut easily covers any monthly finance payment and more. Just 3-4 cars a month will pay for ComputerCut. Check out ComputerCut Savings and Income Analysis shown on our Products page.

Is financing available?

Yes. Click here to contact a ComputerCut representative for financing information.