Solar Gard Window Film
ComputerCut is the world's only computerized film cutting system that allows you to download patterns (for Window Tinting and Clearshield products) over the Internet and connect directly with a plotter that cuts the patterns to exact measurements.

The ComputerCut Advantage

This revolutionary system has eliminated the most difficult, time consuming and error prone portion of cutting film. This new high tech approach offers many distinct advantages:

  • Increase installation speed
  • Increase accuracy and consistency
  • Reduce errors and potential damage
  • Reduce exposure to contamination for cleaner installations
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase customer satisfaction (no more redos or customer complaints).
  • Decrease training and labor costs
  • And more!
Because all product patterns are downloaded and maintained over the Internet, ComputerCut program and pattern database updates are instantaneous.

Online Member Support

In addition to downloading patterns over the Internet, customers can login to a Member Area (or just click through from your ComputerCut program) and take advantage of these great features:

  • Online access to all account information.
  • Download the most up-to-date ComputerCut program
  • Tips on using the application, plotter or product installation.
  • Preview and search pattern directories - quickly and easily - before downloading them into your program
  • Get technical support such as training videos, instruction manuals and frequently asked questions.